01. The cat is [limping]; I think it hurt its paw in a fight.
02. The old man had a bad [limp] as a result of a wound received in the war.
03. The battleship [limped] into port after being badly damaged by a torpedo.
04. He was [limping] badly because of a knee injury, and had to cancel his tennis game.
05. The company has been [limping] along for months, waiting for the market to improve.
06. He has a very [limp] handshake, which gives an impression of weakness and indecisiveness.
07. Spiffo shampoo will take [limp], lifeless hair, and make it shiny and beautiful.
08. The flag hung [limply] in the still summer air.
09. There is a silly stereotype of a gay as a man with a [limp] wrist, and a slight lisp.
10. The monster carried the [limp] body of the dead girl up to the castle.
11. He was lying in bed in a fever, his body [limp] and wet.
12. The player crashed into the boards, hitting his head against the ice, and immediately went [limp].
13. There is an Italian proverb which suggests that the person who lives with cripples will soon learn to [limp].
14. Stanislaw Lec once noted that he who [limps] is still walking.
15. The car just barely [limped] into the service station before running completely out of gas.
16. Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote, "Justice. . . [limps] along, but it gets there all the same."
17. The injured driver [limped] from the wreckage of his car.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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